A simple concept of art inspired by music quickly developed to regular evening events of art, music, and fizz hence its name “Champart”, curated by artist Kerry Jones. 

I was always keen to extend the classes to adults. It was a natural progression following the children’s equivalent “Bloom for Budding Artists” which began 2 years ago. Many parents would ask if the same experience could be provided for them. There is so much for our children to do but very little in the adult world, particularly individual, innovative and uplifting activities.

Most adults come with a friend or as part of a group initially, but they quickly find it’s not necessary and quite liberating to come alone.

The concept itself is to fill a void where creativity is missing in general life. To engage everyone in the art in its initial stage, all abilities and work up from there. It doesn’t follow a pattern or trend; each event is ad hoc and unique. Following a literal response, using giant visual aids and music, to a rolling playlist fusing artist with a genre or movement, to life drawing.

 It takes on many guises of creativity from those who claim to be complete novices, to competent artists. 

In an editorial written by BBC reporter Holly Fitzgerald, it was described as ‘intoxicating, 2 hours passed by in a whirl of colour and shape, a happy haze using a part of the brain usually buried beneath a weight of invoices, shopping lists, letters, and emails. An evening of creativity, relaxation, laughter, and friendship.” 

In this, I had achieved everything I had set out to do. Why not just simply give it a go.

Studio 39 

Created by founder Kerry, Studio 39 has been designed as a true Art Hub for Shrewsbury. Based in Longden Coleham it is home to Bloom Art Classes and Parties for kids and Champart Adult Art Classes.


Summer Classes through the holidays for kids can be booked over on the Bloom website here....







A full programme of screenings, art classes, visiting artists, exhibitions, and events will follow in Autumn 2018. 

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